Quickly diagnose Axis-I or Axis-II disorders

Quickly determine an initial diagnoses of an Axis-I or Axis-II psychological disorder. Accurately determine a clients course of action with this easy to use, flexible software for all Palm OS PDAs.

IPDA-II is a versatile instrument for evaluating individuals suspected of having a psychological disorder. It enables mental health professionals to rapidly & easily determine an initial diagnoses of an Axis-I or Axis-II disorders via answering simple guided "Yes"/"No" questions leading to a result. IPDA-II saves and displays client's histories, initial diagnosis, demographics, medications & progress notes all at your finger tips.


  • 2 free Axis-I evaluations
  • Security features to protect client's records
  • Track client's clinical progress
  • Improve productivity and client care
  • Client list to view, select, save and retrieve data (add, edit and delete)
  • Summary of demographics, current medication, last diagnosis, track medications and notes
  • Medication list with 326 prescriptions, RX class and indication
  • Progress note fields
  • Guided "Yes"/"No" questions to determine a result
  • Summary report
  • Functional physical Up/Down buttons to cycle through the client list
  • Preferences to customize the application
  • Filters and sorts to help find and organize
  • Databases are backed up on PC

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